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October 3rd, 2016

What’s up?! 

I’m Sherman, a portrait photographer based in Houston, TX. I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you all. 

I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I moved to Houston about three months ago with my wife and our dog Luna. She’s really sweet and energetic, and we adopted her about two years ago (I’m talking about the dog of course 😂). 

My wife’s finishing up her PhD, which is why we made the journey down to Houston. I’ll have to start calling her Doctor after next August. She’s dope and gets to add a bunch of letters after her name soon. 

I’m a portrait photographer because I love people (well, most days). One reason I love taking photos is because it allows me to serve people by giving them something that represents themselves, their brand or their family. I’m really laid back, a good listener, and one of the biggest extroverted introverts you’ll meet. I love to spend time with my wife, read, binge watch TV and travel.  

Here are some other things you might not know about me: 

• I don’t have a middle name. 

• I’ve been to a lot of concerts and attending shows is one of my favorite things to do.

• I plan to eventually get a black belt in some form of martial arts.

• I have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and spent years as a mental health and substance use counselor. 

That’s all for now. Thanks for following along. 

Much love. 


(Photo by Hannah Hitchcock)